#ECC16: Follow-Up Materials, Including Readings Recommended by Dr. Theresa Perry

YOU did it!!! Thank you for making the first Educators of Color Conference more successful than any of us could have dreamed. As promised, we are in the process of posting follow-up materials as they become available. In the meantime, a few items:

  • Please, please, please be sure to take five minutes and complete the evaluation form, available here: http://goo.gl/forms/yfjY2FYIbRtJBv0o2

There are lots of amazing photos by Larry Aronson on the FB site. Please check them out, tag yourself, relive the experience.

Articles recommended by Theresa Perry are below.

Vanessa Siddle-Walker: Caswell County Training School, 1933-1969 [Article: walker_caswell county]

Geoffrey Cohen, Providing Supportive Feedback [Article: Cohen2008pp82-84]

James Anderson Lecture [Article: Anderson lecture transcript #1 3-1.14.07]

Katherine Capshaw Smith, Constructing a Shared History: Black Pageantry for Children During the Harlem Renaissance [Article: 27.smith]

James Anderson, The Historical Context for Understanding the Test Score Gap [Article: Anderson 1 – History_of_Achievement_Gap

James Anderson, A Long Shadow: The American Pursuit of Political Justice and Education Equality [Article: EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER-2015-Anderson-319-35]

Geoffrey Cohen and Claude Steele, A Barrier of Mistrust: How Negative Stereotypes Affect Cross-Race Mentoring [Article: Cohen-Steele-1 (1)]

All for now, thank you, thank you, thank you!





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